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Thursday, September 29, 2005


My boyfriend is a member of air force. Since 5. 5. 2004, we have dated. We suffered so many problems. Me or he sometimes felt hard being together, so we had a lot of happenings. When he ready to enter the army, we were very closed. I really loved him and he loved me too. We had beautiful times. He enter the army we still loved each other. I missed him and he missed me. We were happied very tiny things. First letter, first calls... When I recieved first letter from him, I cried. Few days later he went to vacation during 5days. We spent 2days. We were very happied. We felt each hearts and loved. After the vacation, he changed. Oneday he told me he couldn't stand more. I couldn't said to him anything. I couldn't believe his words. During one month, we broke up. Few weeks ago, he went to vacation again. He couldn't come Seoul but I really want to see him. We met and said really love you... Since Monday he never called me. Any call or letter anything he doesn't send to me. Actually maybe on 22? I thought we need to break. I thought we spoil each other but I didn't mention to him. Monday..Tuesday..I just thought he thinks like me now? so he doesn't call me? Wednesday. I thought Is he had some problem? There are some accident happened?? Today I really going crazy. Anything anywords I want to hear from him. Want to break or want to separate anything else. Just just call and say anything. I really hard very hard. I thought this weekend I'll go to his unit and see him but now I can't do that. If I can't do that, I'm okay. I just know what happen to him. Oh please...please...I'm going crazy.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Chat with Young-sil

jin 님의 말:Youngsil~Hyejin 님의 말:I'm comeback!Hyejin 님의 말:hahaha☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:OH!Hyejin 님의 말:Let's speak in English~☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Ye~Hyejin 님의 말:Enjoy the Eng chatting time.kikiHyejin 님의 말:How's your day?☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Pretty good. How about you?Hyejin 님의 말:Hm~Hyejin 님의 말:So so~Hyejin 님의 말:Nowadays wether is really good.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:hahaHyejin 님의 말:I want to date !☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Oh, you're right!Hyejin 님의 말:I'm lonely~ I want to date with someone.haha☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:but so hot,Hyejin 님의 말:Yep hot.Hyejin 님의 말:I'm cought a cold, but hot.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:hut;;Hyejin 님의 말:I cought a cold? haha Hyejin 님의 말:Anyway, becareful. this cold is very hard.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Have you a cold? Oh, I'm sorry to hear that;;Hyejin 님의 말:Oh. Thank you.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Did you see a doctor?Hyejin 님의 말:If you want, I'll give you my cold.hahaHyejin 님의 말:Not yet.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Um;; Hyejin 님의 말:Oh~I want to go travel very much!T_T☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:I want get over your cold☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Oh~!☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Travel is very good!Hyejin 님의 말:Oh~Thank you very much.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:you're welcome^^ ☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Where do you want to go?☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:TravelHyejin 님의 말:Hm~anywhere.hahaHyejin 님의 말:Not school is perfect.Hyejin 님의 말:haha☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:haha you're right! TT Hyejin 님의 말:Ah.I want to go Everland.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Really?Hyejin 님의 말:I really like there, but I went there just one time.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:I want to lotte world. kk☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:AH!Hyejin 님의 말:I want to see animals.Hyejin 님의 말:At Lotte, there's no animal.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:me too.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:right hahaHyejin 님의 말:Children's park is good too.Hyejin 님의 말:but I think there is for couples.haha☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:oh,,I don't go there.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말's so terrible☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:-_-;;☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:hahaHyejin 님의 말:hahahaHyejin 님의 말:Mid term is comming.Hyejin 님의 말:We have to study.Hyejin 님의 말:I have to study!!Hyejin 님의 말:I do not think about boyfriend anymore!!☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:ye~but..i don't want to it;Hyejin 님의 말:me too.T_T☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:haha Hyejin 님의 말:terrible mid term.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Yes -_ㅠHyejin 님의 말:I just want to take a rest.Hyejin 님의 말:I envy you.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:why?☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:?_?Hyejin 님의 말:You don't care about boyfriend thing.haha☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:oh;;;Hyejin 님의 말:I always oh~I'm lonely~I want to see him~Hyejin 님의 말:I miss him~Hyejin 님의 말:terrible.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Are you kidding? I want to boyfriend. Hyejin 님의 말:haha.Hyejin 님의 말:Not kidding~☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:I'm lonely too. ☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:ttHyejin 님의 말:You are beautifulHyejin 님의 말:and you have very high eyes?haha☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:kek;Hyejin 님의 말:So you don't want to have a boyfriend!hahaHyejin 님의 말:I want to be like you~Hyejin 님의 말:Beautiful and great single.haha☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:really? hehe thank you.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:but I'm so lonely.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:TT Hyejin 님의 말:haha☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:kikiHyejin 님의 말:Because of your high eyes.Hyejin 님의 말:kikiki☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:um;;;☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:I think so;☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:haha;;Hyejin 님의 말:hahaha☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Hou about your study?Hyejin 님의 말:Hm.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:an examination for special admissionHyejin 님의 말:I do not study nowadays.Hyejin 님의 말:That's very terrible thing.Hyejin 님의 말:I know I have to do , but I didn't and don't.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Oh..Hyejin 님의 말:How about you?☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말 too. but I study very hard now;☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:ha;;Hyejin 님의 말:OhHyejin 님의 말:Great!☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:heheHyejin 님의 말:Did you enjoy the festival?Hyejin 님의 말:I mean school festival.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:festival?☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말 I didn't,Hyejin 님의 말:Oh.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:How about you?>Hyejin 님의 말:Hm~Hyejin 님의 말:I didn't want to enjoy that,☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:why?Hyejin 님의 말:but my club, Sorisarang, had a performHyejin 님의 말:so I little enjoyed.haha☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:ah!!Hyejin 님의 말:Hm.Hyejin 님의 말:School festival is not funny. I think☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Oh that sounds great!☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Ye, i think soHyejin 님의 말:and last year, I was enjoy that with my boyfriend.Hyejin 님의 말:Now I'm lonely he is not with me.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Oh;Hyejin 님의 말:I just well. anyway.hahaHyejin 님의 말:I sang a song on stage.hahahaHyejin 님의 말:HAHAHA kikiHyejin 님의 말:My partner is on school paper,Hyejin 님의 말:but me is not on!Hyejin 님의 말:Just him took a picture and on paper!☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:nono☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:ah; hahahahaHyejin 님의 말:That time! I was on stage too!!Hyejin 님의 말:T_T☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:I wan so inconvenienced.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:was;;;Hyejin 님의 말:Hm.Hyejin 님의 말:really?☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:I'm sorry I make mistake;;Hyejin 님의 말:Why?Hyejin 님의 말:No no that's okay.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:hihi thank you,☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:You're very kind. hahaHyejin 님의 말:HahahaHyejin 님의 말:welcome.kikikiHyejin 님의 말:Ah.Hyejin 님의 말:This time☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:yepHyejin 님의 말:A female dress male festival had on stage!☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:really?Hyejin 님의 말:I saw that and that is very funny.Hyejin 님의 말:Two guys are very beautiful.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Oh...I want to saw it. TT Hyejin 님의 말:Some my friends said "Oh! That is guy? I think woman!"Hyejin 님의 말:Really beautiful guys.hahaHyejin 님의 말:I think more than me.T_T☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:HAHAHyejin 님의 말:One guy Hyejin 님의 말:went to on stageHyejin 님의 말:and kissed one beautiful guy.hahahaHyejin 님의 말:Even he has a girl friend!!!☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:really? Oh;;;☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:That's terrible;;Hyejin 님의 말:After the show, he cleaned his make-upHyejin 님의 말:and agian on stage for prizeHyejin 님의 말:He is really handsome!Hyejin 님의 말:Like um....Hyejin 님의 말:Jisung!☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Haha i want to see hime☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Ji-sung?Hyejin 님의 말:Yes!haha☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:+_+Hyejin 님의 말:My friends said he looks like Ji-sung!Hyejin 님의 말:He has a girlfriend, I think and other people thinkHyejin 님의 말:He is beauty than she.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:ye☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:hahahaHyejin 님의 말:MC said and people saidHyejin 님의 말:"Man is more beautiful!"Hyejin 님의 말:Oh.Hyejin 님의 말:Time is up.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Really?Hyejin 님의 말:I think we have to say good bye.Hyejin 님의 말:hahaha.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:Time over?Hyejin 님의 말:I think I talk too much.haha.Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:kakaHyejin 님의 말:Thank you and have a good night!☆영실★아자아자파이팅!!!( 님의 말:OK. Thank you too.

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Maybe from July, I don't have rice. Actually, at July I didn't eat rice because of diet. My boyfriend's vacation(He is a member of the air force) is 23 July and that time, my weight is higher than before. I decide to hard diet and during 1 month never ate rice and just one food on one day only small rice noodles. 1 month later, my diet is succeed but my gastroenteric trouble happen again(more harder) so I can't eat any foods. Few weeks later, I can eat rice but the hot and wet wether rice is damaged. My house is underground so very easy to damage and can not eat more. Sometimes later again, my stomach is okay and wether is not too bad but this time I don't have enough money to buy rice. Oh my god. I don't have enough money. I bought books paid taxes and spend to traffic expenses. I couldn't tell to my parents. If I say that "I don't have enough money to buy a rice and some dishes", my parents feel very sad. I just live with Ramuyn. Today my friend give me some rice and from now, I can eat rice someday! Well. During 3 months I didn't eat rice, now I feel little awkward to eat that. Maybe my stomach surprised.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Night club

Sometimes I went to night club with my friend. My friend Un-mi loves there. She often called me and said, "I want to go night club but as you know, I don't have other friend to go with there. Please go with me, please." Un-mi is the one of the high school friends who lives in Seoul. I don't like to go night club because I felt sad when I was in there. Sometimes felt not too bad. Little drink, funny talks and dancing is not too bad. I just felt sad to me sometimes. She want to see me 3weeks ago and nowadays she has sad to me, so I decide to go with her. I just put on regular clothes(not sexy) but she puts on sexy clothes and had make up. In night club, she said to me, "Today guys are too young. We have to change club." I just think 'Well. I think we are stop doing this.' but didn't said to her. Maybe one hour later, we went to room and met some guys. First, we just said jokes and drunk. Later we talk about movies especially U.S movies. The guys have an ability and money. My friend never go out, and never dancing. I think she really likes the guys. Few hours later, I want to go home and take a rest. I told to her I have to go now. Confused day is over.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


I wake up at 10 : 40 a.m. I readied to go out for watch a play. The play is Macbeth. I have to watch that because that is an my department event. If I don't see that, some my class cut my score. I went to a national theater. I didn't any expect, but the play is good. Especially the woman who did a Macbeth's wife. She is tall, good body, beauty and very good at acting. Odil, Miuki and me went to Jongno3ga to eat lunch after the play. We ate spaghetti. Odil is good at Korean but Miuki is not good at Korean so we talk in English. I back to home and prepared next class then went to school. During the class, I was very sleeping. I dozed in front of professor, even I didn't realize that. I heard some people's laugh, then I could wake up. All classes end, I went to my club room and prepared for perform. Today my club had small perform. I sang a song on stage with a younger friend. He did some mistakes, but very exciting time. All club members gathered at club room and took a beer time. We played some games. I think the beer time is still on there. I have a lot of homeworks, so I back to home early. I feel little miss, but I think homework is very important to me. Now, I go to do my homeworks! Cheer up HyeJin!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I do not believe god. Actually, I do not have interest in a religion. Some friends told me "Let's go to the church and believe god" but I didn't accept that proposals. In S.N.U.T I have one friend who deeply believe god. Last year she didn't propose to go with her, but this year she always say to me "Please, listen to me. God is real. Go to church and apologize your sin" I really really hate that kinds of talks. I don't interest that, I don't care about that. I'm busy to think about now, but they are think about after death. Today I had a dinner appointment with her. I didn't think she talks me religion thing, but that is completely my fault. When I eating the dinner, she said "That is time to fall of earth." I felt something choking me. How could she say that thing on a table! I'm chewing foods now!! She is keep speaking. "Hyejin. You have to go to church. I don't want a see you in hell. You must go to hell. Please believe god" Oh!!!!!! I felt terrible. I want to go home right now. I don't want to see her again. She knows I don't believe god and I hate the religion things. How could she do this to me. You will go to hell, what a sense! I felt more uncomfortable and to avoid church. I really don't like worship. I hate that.

Chat with Un-su

Hyejin 님의 말:Sorry I'm waching drama.haha언수~★ 님의 말:AH~~~언수~★ 님의 말:What do you watah 언수~★ 님의 말:What is the drama's title Hyejin 님의 말:US drama, 'Sex and the city'Hyejin 님의 말:Do you know that?언수~★ 님의 말:I know.Hyejin 님의 말:I like that.언수~★ 님의 말:The drama is broadcasting now, in cable TV.Hyejin 님의 말:Oh, really?언수~★ 님의 말:Is it interesting Hyejin 님의 말:I don't know that.언수~★ 님의 말:Yes!Hyejin 님의 말:I just download and watch.언수~★ 님의 말:Oh~~~Hyejin 님의 말:Actually not match in Korea culture, but very funny.언수~★ 님의 말:How long do you practice your song in Sorisarang 언수~★ 님의 말:I know.언수~★ 님의 말:The drama is some sexual~언수~★ 님의 말:HaHa^^Hyejin 님의 말:Hm..Today I had very short time to practice.언수~★ 님의 말:Why Hyejin 님의 말:I prepare for a duet song, but today decide to quite that.언수~★ 님의 말:Um...Hyejin 님의 말:Oh. sorryHyejin 님의 말:quit.Hyejin 님의 말:hahaha-_-;언수~★ 님의 말:I start to go on diet from today.Hyejin 님의 말:Really?Hyejin 님의 말:The murderous diet?언수~★ 님의 말:Why do you quit your duet 언수~★ 님의 말:Yes.언수~★ 님의 말:haha^^Hyejin 님의 말:Oh. I'll watching you.언수~★ 님의 말:So, I'm really hungry, now.Hyejin 님의 말:haha.언수~★ 님의 말:Expect me~ after one month.Hyejin 님의 말:I'm ate a Ramyun just now.언수~★ 님의 말:I envy you~~~언수~★ 님의 말:I want to eat Ramyun.Hyejin 님의 말:Be careful. The murderous diet is dangerous.Hyejin 님의 말:hahaha언수~★ 님의 말:I know. But,,,,I want to become a really thin woman.Hyejin 님의 말:Do an exercise~언수~★ 님의 말:I want to become that my weight is 47kg.언수~★ 님의 말:HaHa,,,^^Hyejin 님의 말:Hm.언수~★ 님의 말:This is my aim.Hyejin 님의 말:What is your weight now?언수~★ 님의 말:It is my privacy~언수~★ 님의 말:HaHa^^Hyejin 님의 말:Okay.hahaHyejin 님의 말:I wish your diet going well.언수~★ 님의 말:You are very thin.Hyejin 님의 말:Me??언수~★ 님의 말:So, I envy you~Hyejin 님의 말:NoNo.I'm not thin.언수~★ 님의 말:Yes. I want to put on a skirt.언수~★ 님의 말:No.... you are thin.Hyejin 님의 말:Thank you,, but not thin.-_-;언수~★ 님의 말:Especially I want to put on "Mini skirt".Hyejin 님의 말:hahaha.Hyejin 님의 말:Oh. mini skirt.언수~★ 님의 말:FooHaHa~~~Hyejin 님의 말:I want to put that too.언수~★ 님의 말:But, My legs is very bad...언수~★ 님의 말:I'm sad~ HaHa^^Hyejin 님의 말:Me too.Hyejin 님의 말:My legs are fat too.T_T언수~★ 님의 말:No~~ haha~Hyejin 님의 말:I want to be thin, but my friends said,언수~★ 님의 말:What
Hyejin 님의 말:If you are thin, your chin can kill somebody.Hyejin 님의 말:haha.언수~★ 님의 말:HaHa~~~ very fun!언수~★ 님의 말:Have you a homework Hyejin 님의 말:When I thin, in high school, friends are said your chin is very dangerous.Hyejin 님의 말:Not yet.Hyejin 님의 말:Oh.언수~★ 님의 말:HaHa~~~Hyejin 님의 말:I have some someworks, but still not doing.Hyejin 님의 말:homeworks-_-;언수~★ 님의 말:I want to see your dangerous chin.Hyejin 님의 말:hahaha언수~★ 님의 말:Me,too....언수~★ 님의 말:But, I hate to do the homework.Hyejin 님의 말 too-_-Hyejin 님의 말:Ah.Hyejin 님의 말:In high school, one friend said to me언수~★ 님의 말:Why
Hyejin 님의 말:Are you grind your chin every night?언수~★ 님의 말:HaHa~~~언수~★ 님의 말:grind.,..Hyejin 님의 말:hahaha.언수~★ 님의 말:This verse is very fun for you~!Hyejin 님의 말:Sad story.-_-언수~★ 님의 말:Sorry~but, very fun.Hyejin 님의 말:Well, I think that fun too.Hyejin 님의 말:little hurt.haha언수~★ 님의 말:My complex is my circle face...Hyejin 님의 말:Why?Hyejin 님의 말:I envy the circle face.언수~★ 님의 말:I want to have a dagerous face^^Hyejin 님의 말:hahaha언수~★ 님의 말:No...Why do you envy Hyejin 님의 말:Circle face is cute.Hyejin 님의 말:And not dagerous.hahaha언수~★ 님의 말:I know.. I'm very cute, but I want a thin face.언수~★ 님의 말:HaHaHa~~~Hyejin 님의 말:hahahaHyejin 님의 말:My boyfriend always said to me,Hyejin 님의 말:I miss your plump face.언수~★ 님의 말:Plump 언수~★ 님의 말:What is the word Hyejin 님의 말:like full?언수~★ 님의 말:I don't know the meaning.언수~★ 님의 말:Ah~~~~언수~★ 님의 말:I know. Hyejin 님의 말:OKOK.Hyejin 님의 말:I love using a dictionary.haha언수~★ 님의 말:Now, do you use a dictionary Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.haha-0-언수~★ 님의 말:I just talk by my self.Hyejin 님의 말:Oh.Hyejin 님의 말:great.언수~★ 님의 말:So, some difficult. 언수~★ 님의 말:HaHa~~~Hyejin 님의 말:I'm not good at vocabulary.언수~★ 님의 말:Me, too.Hyejin 님의 말:very weak.hahaHyejin 님의 말:Ah~I want to eat icecream~언수~★ 님의 말:By the way, will you go to the English performance 언수~★ 님의 말:Me, too..Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.언수~★ 님의 말:Now, I want to eat whatever.언수~★ 님의 말:HaHa~~~Hyejin 님의 말:Did you go there today?언수~★ 님의 말:No.Hyejin 님의 말:From tomorrow?언수~★ 님의 말:Maybe tomorrow Hyejin 님의 말:Oh.언수~★ 님의 말:Yes!Hyejin 님의 말:Have a good time.haha언수~★ 님의 말:ㅠ.ㅠHyejin 님의 말:I'll send you an message.언수~★ 님의 말:Tomorrow, my male friends will come back from the army.Hyejin 님의 말:"I'm home and lying on the bed~"Hyejin 님의 말:Oh.언수~★ 님의 말:ㅠ.ㅠ언수~★ 님의 말:Very sad.Hyejin 님의 말:vacation?언수~★ 님의 말:So, I will meet them.언수~★ 님의 말:Yes/Hyejin 님의 말:Oh.언수~★ 님의 말:But I have enough time,언수~★ 님의 말:So, I will meet very short time,,, maybe.Hyejin 님의 말:Hm.Hyejin 님의 말:enough time but short time?언수~★ 님의 말:Sorry.. that is error.언수~★ 님의 말:I don't have enough time. 언수~★ 님의 말:Haha~~~Hyejin 님의 말:Okay.hahaHyejin 님의 말:That's sad.언수~★ 님의 말:Maybe you are confused now because of my response.Hyejin 님의 말:little.hahaHyejin 님의 말:First I think 'She don't want to me him?-_-;' Hyejin 님의 말:not me, meet.;;언수~★ 님의 말:Time over. we speak Korean, now.언수~★ 님의 말:Good bye~^^

Monday, September 19, 2005


Chu-suk! The second big holiday in Korea. I think we're knowing about Chu-suk too much, so cut the part of the basic information. My hometown is Ku-mi and my parents hometown is Dae-gu. My brother's family and I went to Dae-gu first. There are all my big family members in my granmother's house. Father's watched TV, took a nap and played gambling. Mother's cooking, cleaning and working. People said that is too bad for women but I think that is not changed in my big family. My grandmother never permit the guy enter the kitchen. I want to help my mother,(Really.haha) but she said "Do not in here, just took care of your cousins and nephew. I took them to the PC-room and played on-line game 4-5hours. In Dae-gu, PC-room price very cheap. Just 500won for an hour. I ate very much foods. I don't go to a rest room not my home, so I getting really fat. I couldn't stop eating. I couldn't smoke, that makes me more eating. That is very fat time to me but I'm very very happy to see my big family members. (Actually they said to me you looks good! kiki :) )

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Personal information

Oneday, in the Internet cafe, someone was talk to me. He is a short-term military person and work at National Health Insurance Corporation. He is a student at Hanyang University which is my brother in there too. He is 22years old in Korean age, that is same to me. We had a convertation and bacame friends. After a few days, his exgirlfriend called me and asked some questions. I felt bad and he apologize to me. After that situation, we knew each other phone numvers. He said to me "I can find your ID number". I think that is not big deal. If he really can find my personal information, I can't stop that and my information is not useful. That is my mistake. He find my ID number , several sites ID and secret numbers. He log-on my personal homepage, massenger, e-mail...etc. I felt terrible. I contact to his office and said how could do this. The office boss calls me and apolosize to me. Well, I'm not okay even now. I'm scared. Is he a crazy guy? I'm really worry about that he is really crazy guy.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Chat with Jo-un

좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Hi~Hyejin 님의 말:Hi!Hyejin 님의 말:I'm sorry to late.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:That's ok ^^Hyejin 님의 말:I think I'm log-on.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:oh,, terrible!Hyejin 님의 말:Nowadays someone haking me.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Really?Hyejin 님의 말:Yes.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:It's too badHyejin 님의 말:Some crazy guy changes my secret number.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:oh,,Hyejin 님의 말:Well, anywayHyejin 님의 말:How's your day?좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:um.. I'm soso.Hyejin 님의 말:Oh,좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:you?Hyejin 님의 말:Me too.Hyejin 님의 말:Well, little hard, but it's okay.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Today, It's cool.Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Do you like fall?Hyejin 님의 말:Yes.Hyejin 님의 말:With boyfriend, is fantastic.Hyejin 님의 말:Alone, is terrible.hahaha좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:haha,,좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:My boyfirend gone to army.Hyejin 님의 말:Oh. so sorry.Hyejin 님의 말:Cheer up!좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Thank you ^^Hyejin 님의 말:Well, my boyfriend is comeback.Hyejin 님의 말:hahaha.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:what?Hyejin 님의 말:comeback to me.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Wow~좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Cool~Hyejin 님의 말:He said want to see me again, I agree.Hyejin 님의 말:No no.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:oh,,Hyejin 님의 말:I think this is not good.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:so?Hyejin 님의 말:We have to break.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:ah,,Hyejin 님의 말:Just think everyday.haha좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:oh,, Hyejin 님의 말:I know we have to break,좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Did you meet that guy?Hyejin 님의 말:but everytime I can't do that.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:oh,,Hyejin 님의 말:Yes, on saturday and sunday.Hyejin 님의 말:I spend too much money.T_T좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Oh, no;;좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:That was terrible.Hyejin 님의 말:I'm foolish.T_THyejin 님의 말:That is good time, but too expensive. haha좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:oh,, 좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:It's up to you,, well or not.Hyejin 님의 말:Oh-0-Hyejin 님의 말:I'm busy to prepare performHyejin 님의 말:Do you know my circle 'Sorisarang'?Hyejin 님의 말:club.haha좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:yes! sure~좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:I did see your perform.Hyejin 님의 말:We have perform at 6 Oct.Hyejin 님의 말:Oh, really?좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Ye~좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:oh! cool~Hyejin 님의 말:Surprise!!-0-Hyejin 님의 말:I think no one see my perform.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:oh,, ^^좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Are you good singer?Hyejin 님의 말:This time, I will sing a duet song!Hyejin 님의 말:No~Hyejin 님의 말:I just the one member who is woman.haha좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:oh~Hyejin 님의 말:In my grade, I'm only girl.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:oh~ really?Hyejin 님의 말:This time is last chance to perform, so I dicide to perform.Hyejin 님의 말:My song is really funny.Hyejin 님의 말:Maybe I'll dancing.hahaha좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:wow~ you will do dancing?Hyejin 님의 말:just plan.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:^^Hyejin 님의 말:My friends and I sing a cool's song.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:oh~Hyejin 님의 말:The song is very exciting so we decide to dancing.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:What song?Hyejin 님의 말:ggum.Hyejin 님의 말:Ah, sorry. gum.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:???좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:gum?Hyejin 님의 말:Do you know the song?Hyejin 님의 말:Yep. The song is gum좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:no~좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:I heard first time.Hyejin 님의 말:Really?Hyejin 님의 말:That is really funny song.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:he~Hyejin 님의 말:The woman in song, she thinks she is very beauty.Hyejin 님의 말:Actually, just the gum is on she's hip.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:wow좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Where do you perform?Hyejin 님의 말:Hm~not decided yet.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:oh,,좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:You are very busy now~Hyejin 님의 말:Yep~좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Go for it! your perform.Hyejin 님의 말:Thanks!Hyejin 님의 말:Fighting!haha좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:^-^Hyejin 님의 말:I think I have to study, but I'm not studing.T_THyejin 님의 말:terrible.T_T좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Oh,, too bad ㅠHyejin 님의 말:Study is very hard thing.haha좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:How about our English class?좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:ye~Hyejin 님의 말:Hm~Hyejin 님의 말:I love English class.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:haha~Hyejin 님의 말:Except exam.hahahaHyejin 님의 말:Oh!좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:R E A L Y?Hyejin 님의 말:Did you mean the writing class?좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:um..Hyejin 님의 말:I think this chat will see Geoffrey,haha좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:hahaha~좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Oh my god~Hyejin 님의 말:Why?좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:just because좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:^^;;Hyejin 님의 말:hard to in English?Hyejin 님의 말:Oh!Hyejin 님의 말:Sorry, I just understand now.hahaha좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:hahahaHyejin 님의 말:Today my mind is very busy. hahaHyejin 님의 말:Did your boyfriend calls you?좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:haha좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:No,, TT좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Very sad..Hyejin 님의 말:Oh, cheer up.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Thanks!Hyejin 님의 말:Soon, he calls you.Hyejin 님의 말:You will worry about the vill.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:I things this Chu-suck,,좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:He will call me,, maybe.Hyejin 님의 말:not vill bill.hahaHyejin 님의 말:Oh~좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:hahaHyejin 님의 말:Before, I'm very sad that he not call me,Hyejin 님의 말:but now, I'm sad to see my call bill.-_-좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Oh,,좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:hubHyejin 님의 말:That is most hard and good time to couple.haha좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Anyway,, I believe you choice.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:^^Hyejin 님의 말:Thanks.^^Hyejin 님의 말:I think this is time to say good-bye.좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:Are you tired?좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:yes,,Hyejin 님의 말:yep.T_T좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:See you soon~Hyejin 님의 말:Have a good night!Hyejin 님의 말:Yep~좋은 : 삼천만원만 님의 말:^^Hyejin 님의 말:bye~

Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Today in Seoul, there are too many rains. I really want to stay at home. I couldn't do that. I have to go to school. I weared a short skirt , a cardigan and long socks then put on running shoes. I held a small red umbrella then went to school. That is my big mistake. The outside, is too rainy. I don't noticed that because my house is in underground. When I knew I have to change my clothes and umbrella, that is too late. I exposed heavy rain. My all body get wet. From head to foot, no parts dry. I felt terrible. I arrived class, airconditioner is running. I'm the one who felt cold in class. I'm freezing on 2 hours. I can't concentrated. I just felt cold and want to back home. I miss my tiny house. After the class, I ran and ran then arrived at house fastest. I don't love my tiny house, but today I think this is best place in Seoul to me.

Sunday, September 11, 2005


I had a date with my boyfriend. Actually on that time, just friend yet. I went to Buyeo wich is his country. We met at 6 p.m. We went to a beauty salon to cut his hair. Then we went to eat dinner. He said to me "If you will come here to meet me, I'll buy to you very delicious dinner". When we arrived at restaurant, we found out we don't have much money to spend a day. We decided to eat cheap food, but it's not bad. We finished to eat, then went to a movie theater. We watched "Welcome to Dongmakgol". I saw that about a month ago with my friend, but boyfriend doesn't watch yet so I propose to see that movie. Movie is very very good. The one thing that I mistaked, I'm too crying during the movie. I felt very sad and hurt. Movie is end then we went to bed. I was happy, but I spent too much money now I have been a hard time about money.