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Friday, September 23, 2005

Night club

Sometimes I went to night club with my friend. My friend Un-mi loves there. She often called me and said, "I want to go night club but as you know, I don't have other friend to go with there. Please go with me, please." Un-mi is the one of the high school friends who lives in Seoul. I don't like to go night club because I felt sad when I was in there. Sometimes felt not too bad. Little drink, funny talks and dancing is not too bad. I just felt sad to me sometimes. She want to see me 3weeks ago and nowadays she has sad to me, so I decide to go with her. I just put on regular clothes(not sexy) but she puts on sexy clothes and had make up. In night club, she said to me, "Today guys are too young. We have to change club." I just think 'Well. I think we are stop doing this.' but didn't said to her. Maybe one hour later, we went to room and met some guys. First, we just said jokes and drunk. Later we talk about movies especially U.S movies. The guys have an ability and money. My friend never go out, and never dancing. I think she really likes the guys. Few hours later, I want to go home and take a rest. I told to her I have to go now. Confused day is over.


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