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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Task 5

1. I drank the water with a long straw.
2. I told to my brother to throw the water, so he threw the water.
3. I put a strong sponge then that absorbed all water.
4. Suddenly earthquake happened then the cub fell down, so water went out.
5. I use a stick knock down the cub, so water went out.
6. I use a vacuum cleaner sucked in water.
7. Very strong wind blew, the cub fell down.
8. I moved the table under sunlight, the water ran out.
9. A dog drank the water.
10. I threw a ball to the cub so the cub fell down, water went out.
11. I raised one leg of table so cub fell down.
12. A UFO came out and took the water then disappeared.
13. I gave a life to the water, then the water leave to sea.
14. I put a bond around the cup’s bottom then turn over the table.
15. A bird flew over the window then hit the cup, the cup fell down.
16. I drank the water by my eyes. (Do you know the CF about beer ‘Cafri’? That says the beer is drank by eyes.)
17. I hit the cup with hammer, cup broke and the water came out.
18. I saw down the table, the cup fell down.
19. I cover the cup with a magic cloth few times later I took over the cloth, the water disappeared.
20. My cat pass by the cup, she hit the cup by she’s tail then cup fell down.


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