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Thursday, September 22, 2005


I wake up at 10 : 40 a.m. I readied to go out for watch a play. The play is Macbeth. I have to watch that because that is an my department event. If I don't see that, some my class cut my score. I went to a national theater. I didn't any expect, but the play is good. Especially the woman who did a Macbeth's wife. She is tall, good body, beauty and very good at acting. Odil, Miuki and me went to Jongno3ga to eat lunch after the play. We ate spaghetti. Odil is good at Korean but Miuki is not good at Korean so we talk in English. I back to home and prepared next class then went to school. During the class, I was very sleeping. I dozed in front of professor, even I didn't realize that. I heard some people's laugh, then I could wake up. All classes end, I went to my club room and prepared for perform. Today my club had small perform. I sang a song on stage with a younger friend. He did some mistakes, but very exciting time. All club members gathered at club room and took a beer time. We played some games. I think the beer time is still on there. I have a lot of homeworks, so I back to home early. I feel little miss, but I think homework is very important to me. Now, I go to do my homeworks! Cheer up HyeJin!!


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