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Friday, October 21, 2005

Boyfriend came to Seoul

As you know, my boyfriend is a member of air force. From today till Sunday he is on vacation. Some our(We joined same circle) circle friends enter the army next month, we had a small drinking party. We met 9 p.m. but we doesn't had to enjoy our time. We immediately went to school and met some friends. I thought that my boyfriend doesn't change his way of talking. In army, there are few rules to way of talking but he is not using to me so I didn't think about that. Today, he told to some senior who is he had never met before. He used the army style way of talking! I'm very surprised. During the his speaking, I'm very surprised and little funny. After few talking time, we stat to drinking. Me and my boyfriend drunk little much. I got drunk. I was ill and didn't ate anything so I got drunk very fast. Some seniors told to him "Please go home with your girl". He went to my home with drunken me and then I made some slip that I can't tell you. I'm very shame. What am I ganna to do? T_T


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