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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Maybe from July, I don't have rice. Actually, at July I didn't eat rice because of diet. My boyfriend's vacation(He is a member of the air force) is 23 July and that time, my weight is higher than before. I decide to hard diet and during 1 month never ate rice and just one food on one day only small rice noodles. 1 month later, my diet is succeed but my gastroenteric trouble happen again(more harder) so I can't eat any foods. Few weeks later, I can eat rice but the hot and wet wether rice is damaged. My house is underground so very easy to damage and can not eat more. Sometimes later again, my stomach is okay and wether is not too bad but this time I don't have enough money to buy rice. Oh my god. I don't have enough money. I bought books paid taxes and spend to traffic expenses. I couldn't tell to my parents. If I say that "I don't have enough money to buy a rice and some dishes", my parents feel very sad. I just live with Ramuyn. Today my friend give me some rice and from now, I can eat rice someday! Well. During 3 months I didn't eat rice, now I feel little awkward to eat that. Maybe my stomach surprised.


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