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Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Today in Seoul, there are too many rains. I really want to stay at home. I couldn't do that. I have to go to school. I weared a short skirt , a cardigan and long socks then put on running shoes. I held a small red umbrella then went to school. That is my big mistake. The outside, is too rainy. I don't noticed that because my house is in underground. When I knew I have to change my clothes and umbrella, that is too late. I exposed heavy rain. My all body get wet. From head to foot, no parts dry. I felt terrible. I arrived class, airconditioner is running. I'm the one who felt cold in class. I'm freezing on 2 hours. I can't concentrated. I just felt cold and want to back home. I miss my tiny house. After the class, I ran and ran then arrived at house fastest. I don't love my tiny house, but today I think this is best place in Seoul to me.


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