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Thursday, September 29, 2005


My boyfriend is a member of air force. Since 5. 5. 2004, we have dated. We suffered so many problems. Me or he sometimes felt hard being together, so we had a lot of happenings. When he ready to enter the army, we were very closed. I really loved him and he loved me too. We had beautiful times. He enter the army we still loved each other. I missed him and he missed me. We were happied very tiny things. First letter, first calls... When I recieved first letter from him, I cried. Few days later he went to vacation during 5days. We spent 2days. We were very happied. We felt each hearts and loved. After the vacation, he changed. Oneday he told me he couldn't stand more. I couldn't said to him anything. I couldn't believe his words. During one month, we broke up. Few weeks ago, he went to vacation again. He couldn't come Seoul but I really want to see him. We met and said really love you... Since Monday he never called me. Any call or letter anything he doesn't send to me. Actually maybe on 22? I thought we need to break. I thought we spoil each other but I didn't mention to him. Monday..Tuesday..I just thought he thinks like me now? so he doesn't call me? Wednesday. I thought Is he had some problem? There are some accident happened?? Today I really going crazy. Anything anywords I want to hear from him. Want to break or want to separate anything else. Just just call and say anything. I really hard very hard. I thought this weekend I'll go to his unit and see him but now I can't do that. If I can't do that, I'm okay. I just know what happen to him. Oh please...please...I'm going crazy.


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