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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Friend went to my home

My friend Unmi live in Daerim. That is very far from here. It takes one and half hour by subway. Today I felt sick and lonely. I sent a message to her that I feel lonely and sick. She said she doesn't want to go school and this time is good to see me, so come to here. Actually she had never come to my home because of the distance. Everytime I go to her house because of if I don't go there, she is in sulk. Like this woman said to me she come to my place! I couldn't believe this so I just said "Yes, come come come~". Then I didn't care about that. Few hour later, she called me then said she arrived. I went out and met her. I couldn't do anything because of I fel bad on my body and she must complain there is no place to fun in GongReng.(She said that before) Anyway I just propose how about to go beautyshop and do hairthing to your hair because of she asked me before,"Is the beautyshop near your house is good? I want to change my hair" She agreed my suggetion then went to beautyshop. Haaaa.... I don't want to write about the situation during in the shop. I was very hungry and felt bad, but she took 3 hours. I was little angry so said something to her, soon she got angry to me. I felt going crazy. Barely hard time is passed we ate some food, then went to my home. I want to she go to she's place but she did not. Until she went to bed, she complained manything to me so I can't do anything. I have a lot of things to do but I coudln't do anything!!!! Oh my god!!! Well, I think the problem is on me. I have to change my attitude.


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