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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Task 3

I was born in Ku-mi and lived for about 20 years, but now I live in Seoul. There are father, mother, and brother in my family. My father and mother still live in Ku-mi, and my older brother lives in Seoul with his family. My older brother got married 3 years ago. I live alone in a house near school. I don't work now, but I work in vacation for supplementing my living and school expenses. I graduate from Ku-mi National Electronics Technical High School. Although I entered Dongyang technical college, I quit it because I don't want to concentrate my energies and youth on interior architecture. I want to gain experience in the world, more reading, more seeing, more traveling, and more language studying. Most of all, I want to study about English and Japanese. I have an entrance examination twice, than entered Seoul National University of Technology. My hobby is cross-stitch, internet surfing, singing, and reading. I like cross-stitch very much, because it is very beautiful. I like singing very much too. I joined 'Sorisarang' that is performing club of singing. Above all things, reading is very good thing. I like works of classical literature and short novels. Recently, I read 'Lee Sang's works' on the recommendation of my friend. They are very interesting. I want to recommend other persons. I'm an active person. I like keep company with other persons. I occasionally heard "You are very comfortable person" I think that is a my good point. Sometimes I'm very shy of strangers, which is my weak point. My favorite food is cream-spaghetti. Even if that is too fatty, it is very soft and sweet. I like foreign cookery, but I can't live without Korean-style food, especially Kim-chi and rice. My dream is working at "Everland". I like animals very much. I love them. Unlucky, I'm very short, therefore I won't become a breeder. Accordingly I just want work at "Everland" and than see animals every day. I want to study about zoo office work, I want to go abroad for the study, and take a cautious attitude in my dream.


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