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Monday, September 19, 2005


Chu-suk! The second big holiday in Korea. I think we're knowing about Chu-suk too much, so cut the part of the basic information. My hometown is Ku-mi and my parents hometown is Dae-gu. My brother's family and I went to Dae-gu first. There are all my big family members in my granmother's house. Father's watched TV, took a nap and played gambling. Mother's cooking, cleaning and working. People said that is too bad for women but I think that is not changed in my big family. My grandmother never permit the guy enter the kitchen. I want to help my mother,(Really.haha) but she said "Do not in here, just took care of your cousins and nephew. I took them to the PC-room and played on-line game 4-5hours. In Dae-gu, PC-room price very cheap. Just 500won for an hour. I ate very much foods. I don't go to a rest room not my home, so I getting really fat. I couldn't stop eating. I couldn't smoke, that makes me more eating. That is very fat time to me but I'm very very happy to see my big family members. (Actually they said to me you looks good! kiki :) )


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