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Saturday, October 22, 2005


We(Me and my boyfriend) waked up lately. We ate brunch in home. I was little sick because of the alcoholic that I drunk yesterday. I ate the rice gruel and he ate delivery food through I'm too sick to cook. After the brunch time I took some medicine and took rest. Next we went to Sungnam to see a '2005 Air Show'. That is a jet plan show . We had little late but that is very good. Some jets drew a heart and Taegukgi. Some jets flied like birds. I saw a F-15 that is big and fast jet! I saw a jet which made in Korea.(I can't remember the jet's name.) My boyfriend take charge of the F-5(Maybe F-5;; I can't remeber exactly too.;;;), I saw that too! Some jets are very big and some jets are very small. Some U.S. armies in the show area and some people took a picture with them.(I can't understand why...;) My boyfriend explained some jets and took my pictures. We took some pictures and ate some snacks then move to meet his friends. In the middle of Sungnam city, we met some his friends. We went to a pub and drunk wines. I thought that I have to not drink for us, so I just drunk law alcoholic cocktail and ate many appetizers. Before this time I thought his friends are not close to me, after today I felt the feeling of closeness. That makes me happy.


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