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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chat with Su-young

Hyejin 님의 말:Hi ~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:hi~Hyejin 님의 말:I'm surprized you are on-line.hahaHyejin 님의 말:What are you doing now?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:ㅋㅋㅋdid you eat a medicine?Hyejin 님의 말:Not yet.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I told you to eat one★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yesterday~Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkHyejin 님의 말:Thanks for told me. ★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I am kind girl kkHyejin 님의 말:Everytime I forget to get medicine.;;Hyejin 님의 말:Really?-_-★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yes~Hyejin 님의 말:I can't believe that. kikiki★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:no~ you must find that zzHyejin 님의 말:hahaHyejin 님의 말:Did you finish the homework?Hyejin 님의 말:the Geoffrey class/★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yes~ I have just this 'chatting'Hyejin 님의 말:Oh~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:how bout you~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:aboutHyejin 님의 말:HmHyejin 님의 말:I almost left all.-_-;★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkk hurry up~!!Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.Hyejin 님의 말:Today I'm very busy.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:really? why?Hyejin 님의 말:and I'm out of my mind.-_-;Hyejin 님의 말:Too many homeworks.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:ah~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:me tooHyejin 님의 말:I just slep 3 hours.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:ah~ why ?Hyejin 님의 말:Yesterday slept 5 hours..TT★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:You look too tiredHyejin 님의 말:To study exam.Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.T_THyejin 님의 말:I missed exam.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:olllll~~~~~Hyejin 님의 말:I'm going crazy now.Hyejin 님의 말:hahahahaha.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I have exam, too Hyejin 님의 말:Oh, what class?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:It'll fnish that 2. NovemberHyejin 님의 말:Oh.Hyejin 님의 말:My last exam is on 4 November.haha★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:wow~~Hyejin 님의 말:Too long exam term.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:It's crazy,too~Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yes~ I agreeHyejin 님의 말:I want to live in without exam.kikiHyejin 님의 말:live without exam-_-;★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:Me too ㅠㅠ then, did you eat some meal?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:Today~Hyejin 님의 말:No, not yet.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:Eat some food~Hyejin 님의 말:I just want to sleep.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkk★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I understand youHyejin 님의 말:hahaha★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I'm eatting some cookies kkHyejin 님의 말:I want to sleep very long.hahaHyejin 님의 말:Huk!!Hyejin 님의 말:I envy you.Hyejin 님의 말:Yesterday, I bought some fries.kikiHyejin 님의 말:I ate that and rice too.hahaha★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:So delicious~!!Hyejin 님의 말:Yep~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:oh~~Hyejin 님의 말:Nowadays I want to eat fries very much.Hyejin 님의 말:Like you said, I will be a hourse.hahaha★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkkkkkkkkkHyejin 님의 말:horse.haha;;★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:hm★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:In the other day,I'll go your homeHyejin 님의 말:Oh, really?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:with some foodsHyejin 님의 말:Very good!!!kiki★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yhe~~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkHyejin 님의 말:Maybe next Monday?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:Don't vomit@@Hyejin 님의 말:Young-youn, Mi-young and Mi-jinHyejin 님의 말:come to my placeHyejin 님의 말:hahahaHyejin 님의 말:Yep.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I knowHyejin 님의 말:hahaha★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I'll go there , too whithe them kkHyejin 님의 말:I didn't know that thing until yesterday, everyone knows that without me.hahahaHyejin 님의 말:Okay~Hyejin 님의 말:Come on come on kikiHyejin 님의 말:Today's wether is very good.Hyejin 님의 말:I want to go out~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yeh~ I'd like to go out to enjoy~Hyejin 님의 말:Me too.kiki★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:Are you in school now?Hyejin 님의 말:No.Hyejin 님의 말:in home.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:or at home?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:ah~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말: have to go to schoolHyejin 님의 말:Today I have class on 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:IHyejin 님의 말:Really?Hyejin 님의 말:When is your class?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yes~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:at 1:30Hyejin 님의 말:Huk.Hyejin 님의 말:You have to leaving now.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I have to leave at 12:00★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yeh~Hyejin 님의 말:Oh.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:WE must finishHyejin 님의 말:I think we have to chat until 11:50;Hyejin 님의 말:Is it not?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:no~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:Until ...★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkkkkkkkkkHyejin 님의 말:haha;;★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:But Hyejin 님의 말:??★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:We have conversation for 25 minutesHyejin 님의 말:until now?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:about 25 minutes★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yes~Hyejin 님의 말:OhHyejin 님의 말:Good for you.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkHyejin 님의 말:Now you count time.kiki★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:ok★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I'm very fullHyejin 님의 말:Really?T_T★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:painful ㅠㅠHyejin 님의 말:Ah~Hyejin 님의 말:I just thought you ate very much foods.-_-;Hyejin 님의 말:I was wrong;;Hyejin 님의 말:Why??★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkk you are right ;;Hyejin 님의 말:hahahahaha★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:And.... I really don't wanna go to school★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I want to stay home★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:and take a restHyejin 님의 말:I think you always don't want to school.kiki★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:haha★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:rightHyejin 님의 말:hahahaHyejin 님의 말:Don't miss too much classes.kiki★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:ok~Hyejin 님의 말:I think you have to go now.Hyejin 님의 말:Go to school and enjoy the class.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I'll go on time★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yes~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:bye~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:see you~~Hyejin 님의 말:See you tomorrow. ★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:ok

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Friend went to my home

My friend Unmi live in Daerim. That is very far from here. It takes one and half hour by subway. Today I felt sick and lonely. I sent a message to her that I feel lonely and sick. She said she doesn't want to go school and this time is good to see me, so come to here. Actually she had never come to my home because of the distance. Everytime I go to her house because of if I don't go there, she is in sulk. Like this woman said to me she come to my place! I couldn't believe this so I just said "Yes, come come come~". Then I didn't care about that. Few hour later, she called me then said she arrived. I went out and met her. I couldn't do anything because of I fel bad on my body and she must complain there is no place to fun in GongReng.(She said that before) Anyway I just propose how about to go beautyshop and do hairthing to your hair because of she asked me before,"Is the beautyshop near your house is good? I want to change my hair" She agreed my suggetion then went to beautyshop. Haaaa.... I don't want to write about the situation during in the shop. I was very hungry and felt bad, but she took 3 hours. I was little angry so said something to her, soon she got angry to me. I felt going crazy. Barely hard time is passed we ate some food, then went to my home. I want to she go to she's place but she did not. Until she went to bed, she complained manything to me so I can't do anything. I have a lot of things to do but I coudln't do anything!!!! Oh my god!!! Well, I think the problem is on me. I have to change my attitude.

Saturday, October 22, 2005


We(Me and my boyfriend) waked up lately. We ate brunch in home. I was little sick because of the alcoholic that I drunk yesterday. I ate the rice gruel and he ate delivery food through I'm too sick to cook. After the brunch time I took some medicine and took rest. Next we went to Sungnam to see a '2005 Air Show'. That is a jet plan show . We had little late but that is very good. Some jets drew a heart and Taegukgi. Some jets flied like birds. I saw a F-15 that is big and fast jet! I saw a jet which made in Korea.(I can't remember the jet's name.) My boyfriend take charge of the F-5(Maybe F-5;; I can't remeber exactly too.;;;), I saw that too! Some jets are very big and some jets are very small. Some U.S. armies in the show area and some people took a picture with them.(I can't understand why...;) My boyfriend explained some jets and took my pictures. We took some pictures and ate some snacks then move to meet his friends. In the middle of Sungnam city, we met some his friends. We went to a pub and drunk wines. I thought that I have to not drink for us, so I just drunk law alcoholic cocktail and ate many appetizers. Before this time I thought his friends are not close to me, after today I felt the feeling of closeness. That makes me happy.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Boyfriend came to Seoul

As you know, my boyfriend is a member of air force. From today till Sunday he is on vacation. Some our(We joined same circle) circle friends enter the army next month, we had a small drinking party. We met 9 p.m. but we doesn't had to enjoy our time. We immediately went to school and met some friends. I thought that my boyfriend doesn't change his way of talking. In army, there are few rules to way of talking but he is not using to me so I didn't think about that. Today, he told to some senior who is he had never met before. He used the army style way of talking! I'm very surprised. During the his speaking, I'm very surprised and little funny. After few talking time, we stat to drinking. Me and my boyfriend drunk little much. I got drunk. I was ill and didn't ate anything so I got drunk very fast. Some seniors told to him "Please go home with your girl". He went to my home with drunken me and then I made some slip that I can't tell you. I'm very shame. What am I ganna to do? T_T

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Brotherhood of war

I saw a movie that Brotherhood of War. (This is not same Korean title, but the Korean title write in English is very hard so I use this titlel.) I don't have mind to see the movie, but my friend came to my house and saw that so I saw that too. My computer make sound only by speaker. The movie is very noisy, so I can't sleep just saw that. Maybe 2 years ago, I saw the movie at movie theater. That time, the film made some problem I can't saw the end. Today, I saw that till the end. That is very sad movie. I didn't experience the war, I think that is really sad thing. Most sad thing the humans made. In the movie, people doesn't know about phenomena. They just want to live. During the war, people go to mad. They kill each other just to live. The movie has some unbelieveble thing but makes me sad and hurt. The movie about war is very sad. I don't like war movies because they makes me very hurt. I can't believe the war is really happened and in other country, it is still on. I'm very lucky because I do not suffer war.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Chat with Miyuki

Hyejin 님의 말:Hi~miyuki[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Hi!!Hyejin 님의 말:Oh~Your picture sexy!kiki[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:No No[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:I'm sleeping!![Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Ah! May I ask you something?Hyejin 님의 말:YesHyejin 님의 말:of course.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Today Prof Yu said something about exam, right?Hyejin 님의 말:Yes.Hyejin 님의 말:and homework thing too.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Yes, but actually I didn't understand very well........Hyejin 님의 말:Oh,Hyejin 님의 말:Mid term is 27[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Yes I understand it but [Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:what should I study?Hyejin 님의 말:Hm.Hyejin 님의 말:Just listen tape and memorize.Hyejin 님의 말:90% question same on book.Hyejin 님의 말:10% translated.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:translate into Korean of course!?Hyejin 님의 말:NoHyejin 님의 말:All questions are EnglishHyejin 님의 말:in English..haha[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:ah that's good for me....[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Well so what about the quizes?Hyejin 님의 말:Do you remember that quize we did before?Hyejin 님의 말:same formHyejin 님의 말:on 13 and 20Hyejin 님의 말:on 13 is about part 2Hyejin 님의 말:on 20 maybe about part 3[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:OK[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Ah OK OK Hyejin 님의 말:Do you know homework?[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:For Thursday?[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:test 3 No1-No20,right?Hyejin 님의 말:yes and next Tuesda.Hyejin 님의 말:day.;;Hyejin 님의 말:Yes right.Hyejin 님의 말:Next Tuesday test 3 No21-80.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Yes YesHyejin 님의 말:Good. haha[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Ah thank you very very very much!!Hyejin 님의 말:You're welcome.haha^^[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:T_T/~Hyejin 님의 말:Why???[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Ah it's always very hard for me to understand what to do....Hyejin 님의 말:Don't worry.Hyejin 님의 말:If you don't understand, I'll tell you.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Ah thank you! Hyejin 님의 말:Well, I'm not good at English, but try.haha[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:You're really really kind!!Hyejin 님의 말:No~never.haha[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:hihiHyejin 님의 말:Ah, What are you do on weekends?Hyejin 님의 말:Meet some friends or study?[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:This weekend?Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.Hyejin 님의 말:This, and next..[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:I'm gonna go to Insa-don!!Hyejin 님의 말:Oh~Hyejin 님의 말:I love there.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Yes me,too!Hyejin 님의 말:Sometimes I go there just alone.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:ah really?Hyejin 님의 말:Take some pictures and see arts.Hyejin 님의 말:I love there, but my friends doesn't like there.haha[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:hehe Hyejin 님의 말:Did you go to Myungdong?[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Yes 2 years ago... Hyejin 님의 말:haha.very long time ago.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:yes...[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:But I don't like there[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:because[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:There are full of Japanese there....Hyejin 님의 말:Hahaha[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:It's like a little Japan...Hyejin 님의 말:Oh.hahaHyejin 님의 말:How about Hangang?Hyejin 님의 말:I love there too.kiki[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:I love there really much!![Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:I went there a few years ago...Hyejin 님의 말:Oh~great.kikiHyejin 님의 말:Oh.really?[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:yup Hyejin 님의 말:Sometimes I went to hangang too.Hyejin 님의 말:Just with my camera.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:I guess it's the place where I love the most in Seoul...Hyejin 님의 말:Me too!Hyejin 님의 말:Ah, I love Namsan too.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Ah Namsan!Hyejin 님의 말:I really love there but I went there just 1 time.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Why?Hyejin 님의 말:Well...Hyejin 님의 말:I don't know.;;Hyejin 님의 말:I think just don't have chance.Hyejin 님의 말:Hangang and Namsan is couple's place!!kiki[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Ah I know.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:But anyway Seoul has a lot of place to visit!!Hyejin 님의 말:haha..Yes.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:So I'm very very enjoying Seoul!![Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:kkHyejin 님의 말:Oh~great.Hyejin 님의 말:Do you know Chunguechun?[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Yes...[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:It's in Kanwon-do,right?Hyejin 님의 말:I want to go there. I havn't go there yet.Hyejin 님의 말:NononoHyejin 님의 말:In Seoul.Hyejin 님의 말:That is a stream.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Then I don't know...[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Ah yes [Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:I learnt it from my friends!!!Hyejin 님의 말:Oh, great.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:And I saw it!!Hyejin 님의 말:Oh!!really?Hyejin 님의 말:I envy you.T_T[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:yes.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Why?Hyejin 님의 말:I want to go there.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Haven't you ever seen it?Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:ah..Hyejin 님의 말:I just heard and see some pictures.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:ah...[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:But you know[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:I'm not Korean.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:So when I saw it for the first time,[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:I wasn't impressed so muchHyejin 님의 말:hahaha..[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:nor I didn't understand very well[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:...Hyejin 님의 말:Hm~[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:But now I understand well...Hyejin 님의 말:Actually I don't know the stream's before.Hyejin 님의 말:Oh~Hyejin 님의 말:Good good.Hyejin 님의 말:You understand everything very fast!!Hyejin 님의 말:Wow!!kikiki[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:No No [Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:My friends always explain many things...[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:So I can learn a lot of things every day!Hyejin 님의 말:Oh.good friend.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:yes..Hyejin 님의 말:Oh~That's very exciting![Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:You know there're many students coming to my university every year.Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.Hyejin 님의 말:I envy them.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:ah you wanna study in Japan?Hyejin 님의 말:Hm~before I thought that.Hyejin 님의 말:but now, I'm very fool at Japanese.Hyejin 님의 말:So I can't do that.Hyejin 님의 말:Chinese character is very hard thing to me.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:I know...[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:many of my friends are suffering from Chinese characters...Hyejin 님의 말:Oh.really?[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:yes....Hyejin 님의 말:Why use Chinese charcters? Just use Hiragana..kikiHyejin 님의 말:I love Hiragana..kiki[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:If you write all in Hiragana,[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:then no body understand the proper meaning...Hyejin 님의 말:hahaha..;;[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:hihihiHyejin 님의 말:I don't study Japanese anymore, but I want to visit Japan someday.[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:YeahHyejin 님의 말:Maybe..2007?kiki[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:OK then visit me!!!Hyejin 님의 말:Oh~good good!kiki[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:yes!!![Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:I live near Nagoya.... So [Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:I'll show you around maybe!Hyejin 님의 말:Oh!great!!T_THyejin 님의 말:I really really want to go Japan.T_T[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:OK come!Hyejin 님의 말:OKOK!!kiki[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:And now I'm really glad to hear that!Hyejin 님의 말:Japan is good country, I think.kiki[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:ah you think so?[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:Thanks...Hyejin 님의 말:This is not flatter.Hyejin 님의 말:kiki[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:hihiHyejin 님의 말:I think Japan is good.kiki[Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:but we have earthquakes... and Typhoon!!![Mjukis]美由紀はソウルにいます! 님의 말:wow>_

Monday, October 03, 2005

Go out

Wow!! Today I went to COEX. Nowadays I was busy to go out with my friends, I can't go out with my friends. Last week, I did wrong homework so I can go out.(I did next week homework so I have enough time.) Still I have some homeworks so I just ate lunch and drank coffee, but that is really happy time to me. I went to Samsungdong by subway. When I meet my friends, I usually don't make-up but today is special so I did make-up. I usually can't eat rice, so my friend bought me rice food. We ate Dollsotbab. That is a rice on an little ston pot. After lunch time, we went to book store and saw some books. I want to buy a book about cats, but that is little expensive so I just saw that for a while. Then we went to clothing store zone because my favorate store is there. B.U.T.!!! The store is not there. I'm very disappointed. We went to Starbucks and drank coffee. The coffee is very delicious. Then we went to cosmetic store and bought some cosmetics. I didn't thought to buy that, but I used samples then change my mind. I did all there things then came back to home. Today is really happy day. I was happy all day. I want to go out with friend again.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Meet boyfriend

My boyfriend's unit in Gunsan. During 1 week, I really want to see him so I decide to visit him. Gunsan is very far away from here. I was in Kumi, there is far from Gunsan too. I rode a bus about 3and half hour. Then I reach at Gunsan then I bought some food. Gunsan is very small city so there is no good restaurant. However, I rode a taxi. The airfield(He is a member of air force so he work at airfield) is far from bus terminal. I paid 10,000 won. That is very expensive. When I out of the taxi, some airmans are looked at me. I felt shame. I entered the unit then write out some forms. I waited few minutes. One airman called to my boyfriend, another man took me a bus. The bus went to in unit. I waited my boyfriend in some place like a booth. At Gunsan, there is US army lives too. The unit place is for US and Korea. US army's place very good. I felt I'm in another country. Anyway few minutes later, he came then we met. I really happy to see him. He is too. He really appreciate to me. He said to sorry couldn't call to me(He called few days before then said to me nowadays he is very busy.) but very happy to see me. I'm happy too. We had very good time. We can't kissed but very good. 3weeks later, he have a vacation. We promised that time we never come off just holding each other and kiss very lot~.