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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Task 10

1. When I was born, my mother's milk dry out so I couldn't eat my mother's milk.

2. Me and my brother went to a same elementary school, my brother very famous so everyone call me "Who's younger sister"

3. My brother very smart, so my parents thougt get a good score is natural.

4. I ran away from home when I was 15 years old.

5. After 1 year, I always stay in home and did houseworks for my parents.

6. I went to electronic school.

7. I was date with very rich guy, so I could do everything I want.

8. When I was 19, my brother got a baby and married.

9. Because of my brother's marrige, my father drunk and my mother cryed every day.

10. My brother's wife hate me, even she didn't give me a food when I lived in their house.

11. I was dreamed an ideal university life. I want to study English mainly and learn many thing in school so I entered school which I go to now.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Task 7

Boyd and I went with the wolves upland. “Where’s Echol’s home?” I said. “Depends,” he said. The wolves doubled. All with him and I, deep jaws staring. He let the horses go. “Why?” I said. “Go,” he said, staring at the jaws and the wolves. “Go!” he said. I went to Echol’s home. He didn’t. His world goes with the wolves.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Task 3

I was born in Ku-mi and lived for about 20 years, but now I live in Seoul. There are father, mother, and brother in my family. My father and mother still live in Ku-mi, and my older brother lives in Seoul with his family. My older brother got married 3 years ago. I live alone in a house near school. I don't work now, but I work in vacation for supplementing my living and school expenses. I graduate from Ku-mi National Electronics Technical High School. Although I entered Dongyang technical college, I quit it because I don't want to concentrate my energies and youth on interior architecture. I want to gain experience in the world, more reading, more seeing, more traveling, and more language studying. Most of all, I want to study about English and Japanese. I have an entrance examination twice, than entered Seoul National University of Technology. My hobby is cross-stitch, internet surfing, singing, and reading. I like cross-stitch very much, because it is very beautiful. I like singing very much too. I joined 'Sorisarang' that is performing club of singing. Above all things, reading is very good thing. I like works of classical literature and short novels. Recently, I read 'Lee Sang's works' on the recommendation of my friend. They are very interesting. I want to recommend other persons. I'm an active person. I like keep company with other persons. I occasionally heard "You are very comfortable person" I think that is a my good point. Sometimes I'm very shy of strangers, which is my weak point. My favorite food is cream-spaghetti. Even if that is too fatty, it is very soft and sweet. I like foreign cookery, but I can't live without Korean-style food, especially Kim-chi and rice. My dream is working at "Everland". I like animals very much. I love them. Unlucky, I'm very short, therefore I won't become a breeder. Accordingly I just want work at "Everland" and than see animals every day. I want to study about zoo office work, I want to go abroad for the study, and take a cautious attitude in my dream.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Task 5

1. I drank the water with a long straw.
2. I told to my brother to throw the water, so he threw the water.
3. I put a strong sponge then that absorbed all water.
4. Suddenly earthquake happened then the cub fell down, so water went out.
5. I use a stick knock down the cub, so water went out.
6. I use a vacuum cleaner sucked in water.
7. Very strong wind blew, the cub fell down.
8. I moved the table under sunlight, the water ran out.
9. A dog drank the water.
10. I threw a ball to the cub so the cub fell down, water went out.
11. I raised one leg of table so cub fell down.
12. A UFO came out and took the water then disappeared.
13. I gave a life to the water, then the water leave to sea.
14. I put a bond around the cup’s bottom then turn over the table.
15. A bird flew over the window then hit the cup, the cup fell down.
16. I drank the water by my eyes. (Do you know the CF about beer ‘Cafri’? That says the beer is drank by eyes.)
17. I hit the cup with hammer, cup broke and the water came out.
18. I saw down the table, the cup fell down.
19. I cover the cup with a magic cloth few times later I took over the cloth, the water disappeared.
20. My cat pass by the cup, she hit the cup by she’s tail then cup fell down.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Task 2

1. People said it has 9 life.

2. It lives with people or without people.

3. It loves fish and mouse.

4. If it doesn't eat fish, it will be a blind.

5. It kills their youngs when human touch them.

6. It doesn't friendly with dogs.

7. Many people think it an uncanny thing.

8. If it fall from a 3rd floor, it must be fine.

9. Some kinds of it very expensive.

10. It usually run into lights so it often has accident by car.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Chat with Su-young

Hyejin 님의 말:Hi ~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:hi~Hyejin 님의 말:I'm surprized you are on-line.hahaHyejin 님의 말:What are you doing now?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:ㅋㅋㅋdid you eat a medicine?Hyejin 님의 말:Not yet.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I told you to eat one★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yesterday~Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkHyejin 님의 말:Thanks for told me. ★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I am kind girl kkHyejin 님의 말:Everytime I forget to get medicine.;;Hyejin 님의 말:Really?-_-★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yes~Hyejin 님의 말:I can't believe that. kikiki★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:no~ you must find that zzHyejin 님의 말:hahaHyejin 님의 말:Did you finish the homework?Hyejin 님의 말:the Geoffrey class/★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yes~ I have just this 'chatting'Hyejin 님의 말:Oh~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:how bout you~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:aboutHyejin 님의 말:HmHyejin 님의 말:I almost left all.-_-;★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkk hurry up~!!Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.Hyejin 님의 말:Today I'm very busy.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:really? why?Hyejin 님의 말:and I'm out of my mind.-_-;Hyejin 님의 말:Too many homeworks.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:ah~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:me tooHyejin 님의 말:I just slep 3 hours.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:ah~ why ?Hyejin 님의 말:Yesterday slept 5 hours..TT★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:You look too tiredHyejin 님의 말:To study exam.Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.T_THyejin 님의 말:I missed exam.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:olllll~~~~~Hyejin 님의 말:I'm going crazy now.Hyejin 님의 말:hahahahaha.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I have exam, too Hyejin 님의 말:Oh, what class?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:It'll fnish that 2. NovemberHyejin 님의 말:Oh.Hyejin 님의 말:My last exam is on 4 November.haha★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:wow~~Hyejin 님의 말:Too long exam term.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:It's crazy,too~Hyejin 님의 말:Yep.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yes~ I agreeHyejin 님의 말:I want to live in without exam.kikiHyejin 님의 말:live without exam-_-;★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:Me too ㅠㅠ then, did you eat some meal?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:Today~Hyejin 님의 말:No, not yet.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:Eat some food~Hyejin 님의 말:I just want to sleep.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkk★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I understand youHyejin 님의 말:hahaha★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I'm eatting some cookies kkHyejin 님의 말:I want to sleep very long.hahaHyejin 님의 말:Huk!!Hyejin 님의 말:I envy you.Hyejin 님의 말:Yesterday, I bought some fries.kikiHyejin 님의 말:I ate that and rice too.hahaha★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:So delicious~!!Hyejin 님의 말:Yep~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:oh~~Hyejin 님의 말:Nowadays I want to eat fries very much.Hyejin 님의 말:Like you said, I will be a hourse.hahaha★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkkkkkkkkkHyejin 님의 말:horse.haha;;★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:hm★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:In the other day,I'll go your homeHyejin 님의 말:Oh, really?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:with some foodsHyejin 님의 말:Very good!!!kiki★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yhe~~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkHyejin 님의 말:Maybe next Monday?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:Don't vomit@@Hyejin 님의 말:Young-youn, Mi-young and Mi-jinHyejin 님의 말:come to my placeHyejin 님의 말:hahahaHyejin 님의 말:Yep.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I knowHyejin 님의 말:hahaha★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I'll go there , too whithe them kkHyejin 님의 말:I didn't know that thing until yesterday, everyone knows that without me.hahahaHyejin 님의 말:Okay~Hyejin 님의 말:Come on come on kikiHyejin 님의 말:Today's wether is very good.Hyejin 님의 말:I want to go out~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yeh~ I'd like to go out to enjoy~Hyejin 님의 말:Me too.kiki★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:Are you in school now?Hyejin 님의 말:No.Hyejin 님의 말:in home.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:or at home?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:ah~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말: have to go to schoolHyejin 님의 말:Today I have class on 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:IHyejin 님의 말:Really?Hyejin 님의 말:When is your class?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yes~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:at 1:30Hyejin 님의 말:Huk.Hyejin 님의 말:You have to leaving now.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I have to leave at 12:00★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yeh~Hyejin 님의 말:Oh.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:WE must finishHyejin 님의 말:I think we have to chat until 11:50;Hyejin 님의 말:Is it not?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:no~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:Until ...★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkkkkkkkkkHyejin 님의 말:haha;;★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:But Hyejin 님의 말:??★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:We have conversation for 25 minutesHyejin 님의 말:until now?★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:about 25 minutes★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yes~Hyejin 님의 말:OhHyejin 님의 말:Good for you.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkHyejin 님의 말:Now you count time.kiki★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:ok★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I'm very fullHyejin 님의 말:Really?T_T★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:painful ㅠㅠHyejin 님의 말:Ah~Hyejin 님의 말:I just thought you ate very much foods.-_-;Hyejin 님의 말:I was wrong;;Hyejin 님의 말:Why??★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:kkk you are right ;;Hyejin 님의 말:hahahahaha★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:And.... I really don't wanna go to school★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I want to stay home★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:and take a restHyejin 님의 말:I think you always don't want to school.kiki★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:haha★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:rightHyejin 님의 말:hahahaHyejin 님의 말:Don't miss too much classes.kiki★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:ok~Hyejin 님의 말:I think you have to go now.Hyejin 님의 말:Go to school and enjoy the class.★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:I'll go on time★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:yes~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:bye~★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:see you~~Hyejin 님의 말:See you tomorrow. ★서영★내인생의 마지막 발악. 님의 말:ok

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Friend went to my home

My friend Unmi live in Daerim. That is very far from here. It takes one and half hour by subway. Today I felt sick and lonely. I sent a message to her that I feel lonely and sick. She said she doesn't want to go school and this time is good to see me, so come to here. Actually she had never come to my home because of the distance. Everytime I go to her house because of if I don't go there, she is in sulk. Like this woman said to me she come to my place! I couldn't believe this so I just said "Yes, come come come~". Then I didn't care about that. Few hour later, she called me then said she arrived. I went out and met her. I couldn't do anything because of I fel bad on my body and she must complain there is no place to fun in GongReng.(She said that before) Anyway I just propose how about to go beautyshop and do hairthing to your hair because of she asked me before,"Is the beautyshop near your house is good? I want to change my hair" She agreed my suggetion then went to beautyshop. Haaaa.... I don't want to write about the situation during in the shop. I was very hungry and felt bad, but she took 3 hours. I was little angry so said something to her, soon she got angry to me. I felt going crazy. Barely hard time is passed we ate some food, then went to my home. I want to she go to she's place but she did not. Until she went to bed, she complained manything to me so I can't do anything. I have a lot of things to do but I coudln't do anything!!!! Oh my god!!! Well, I think the problem is on me. I have to change my attitude.