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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Brotherhood of war

I saw a movie that Brotherhood of War. (This is not same Korean title, but the Korean title write in English is very hard so I use this titlel.) I don't have mind to see the movie, but my friend came to my house and saw that so I saw that too. My computer make sound only by speaker. The movie is very noisy, so I can't sleep just saw that. Maybe 2 years ago, I saw the movie at movie theater. That time, the film made some problem I can't saw the end. Today, I saw that till the end. That is very sad movie. I didn't experience the war, I think that is really sad thing. Most sad thing the humans made. In the movie, people doesn't know about phenomena. They just want to live. During the war, people go to mad. They kill each other just to live. The movie has some unbelieveble thing but makes me sad and hurt. The movie about war is very sad. I don't like war movies because they makes me very hurt. I can't believe the war is really happened and in other country, it is still on. I'm very lucky because I do not suffer war.


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