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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Meet boyfriend

My boyfriend's unit in Gunsan. During 1 week, I really want to see him so I decide to visit him. Gunsan is very far away from here. I was in Kumi, there is far from Gunsan too. I rode a bus about 3and half hour. Then I reach at Gunsan then I bought some food. Gunsan is very small city so there is no good restaurant. However, I rode a taxi. The airfield(He is a member of air force so he work at airfield) is far from bus terminal. I paid 10,000 won. That is very expensive. When I out of the taxi, some airmans are looked at me. I felt shame. I entered the unit then write out some forms. I waited few minutes. One airman called to my boyfriend, another man took me a bus. The bus went to in unit. I waited my boyfriend in some place like a booth. At Gunsan, there is US army lives too. The unit place is for US and Korea. US army's place very good. I felt I'm in another country. Anyway few minutes later, he came then we met. I really happy to see him. He is too. He really appreciate to me. He said to sorry couldn't call to me(He called few days before then said to me nowadays he is very busy.) but very happy to see me. I'm happy too. We had very good time. We can't kissed but very good. 3weeks later, he have a vacation. We promised that time we never come off just holding each other and kiss very lot~.


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