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Friday, May 06, 2005

went to my hometown

Wow! straight holidays come! Thursday is Children's day. That is holiday in Korea. I don't have class in Friday, So I can enjoy straight holidays. I finish homeworks on Wednesday night. I wake up early and take a train to go to my hometown. I arrive at lunchtime. I meet my high-school friend and eat pizza. That is first time to meet when we grauate high-school. We have many talks. That is very happy time. We promise to meet again. I arrive my home. Father hugs me. He buy a new digital camera, so show me that. That is very good camera.(and very expensive) I'm desirable that but my camera is good too, so just look at that. He downloads some movies to me, so we see a movie. (Home-theater system is in there.) Mother comes at night because she has works on today. She catch a cold. I'm sad and sorry to her. She works for me, but I'm very pool marks at school. I decide to study more harder.


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