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Monday, May 02, 2005

send boyfriend

Today is boyfriend joining the army day. I have 3 classes (These are very important to me) but I'm absent. I think that I never absent class before, but I changed my mind. There are many reasons but now I think these are my rationalization. I just like him and want to see off him. Anyway, we go to in front of training camp and eat lunch. We have little time, so we find some place and take pictures. We dosen't talk to much. Well, we dosen't cry too. We just hold hands and smiling. If he dosen't join army, we break up on the past. During he ready to joining we have been separated for a month, he feel love(?) to me than we meet again. I think there is enough time to us, but that is not. He don't have enough time, we can't say good-bye just he run to a crowd. I still sorry to him I can't say enough. Actually, I don't want to say something. I just want to hug him. I want to see him and touch him.


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