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Friday, April 29, 2005

visit Bu-yeo

I went to Bu-yeo to meet my boyfriend. I ride a bus for 3 hours. When I was young, I usually suffer nau-sea so I scared by bus. The way of go to Bu-yeo is only one, by bus. I'm afraid but I can't find other way. Finally I suffer nau-sea I'm very painful. My boyfriend wait for me with flower. We go to fast-food store and eat some hambergers. Bu-yeo is very small city, so we can't dicide where we go. We go to park and take a walk. There is beautiful and silent place. We find very beautiful place. Many flowers bloom there. We take pictures. Than we go to PC-room. We dosen't want to go there, but we can't find other place. We enjoy game and rent a room. The room is not bad, but drunken men around there. I'm little scared but okay because my boyfriend with me. We put a pack on each face and giggle. Very short but very happy time.


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