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Sunday, April 24, 2005

New cell-phone

I changing a cell-phone because the old one is not working in my house. My house is in basement, so doesn't work cell-phone. Actually 011 is work on my house but other communication company's cell-phones are not working. During a 1 year, I'm very inconvenience to using cell-phone. Sometimes I can't get a masagges or calls, people upset to me. If I want to call to someone, I always call on outside. Luckly I got a call, it always not clearly, makes me crazy. I always say to father, please change my phone. Finally my father makes up his mind. We go here and there, saw many diffirent cell-phones. My father feel their are very expensive, so talk to me "Later..." That time, I request to father that I charge the fee. Than father say Yes and buy a new one. Now I can call in my house even bathroom! I'm very happy!!


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