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Friday, April 22, 2005

School uniform

I like Japanese and some Japan cultures. I like J-pop, Japanese idol stars and Japanese TV programs. I like the Japanese high-school uniform most of all. One year ago, sometimes I wear a Japanese high-school uniform. I enjoyed that. Some people think strage, some people think cute. Some people hate me, some people love me. Well, I don't care both. I just enjoy and like that. My boyfriend hate that. He said to me "Never, ever, ever, don't wear that" I don't understand him. This is my favorite thing. I think that he understand to me. He is different. He don't understand me. People think that you are stranger. I'm not okay that. I can't hear and think that scene. Nowadays I can't wear high-school uniform because my age, but I miss that very much. I love school uniform. I want to wear that again.


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