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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Fist draft

‘Churning of the ocean milk’ is the Hindu creation myth. In Hindu mythology, 13 precious things were lost in churning of the cosmic sea, so gods and demons are joining dredging operation. The giant serpent Vasuki offered himself as a rope to enable twirling of a ‘Churning stick’. Vasuki was yanked back and forth in a giant tug-of-war that lasted for a thousand years. 91 surly-looking asuras are pulling the front end of him and the anchor is the 21-headed demon king Ravana. On the other side, 88 almond-eyed devas are pulling on the tail and the anchor is the monkey-god Hanuman. Vishnu is a Hindu god, which is directing operations at the center. Gods and demons are rotating Vasuki than churn the sea into foam, like a giant cosmic blender. Apsaras is born of this action that creates divine ambrosia, amrita, many treasures, the essence of life and immortality. The other side, Angkorologist Eleanor Mannikka said, this is a one of the hidden cosmological meanings coded at Angkor Wat, and that is remarkably attuned to the movement of the sun and moon.


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