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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Exam term

Mid-exam term start. From 21 to 28, I have a 7 exams. All of exams are about English. When I attend the class, I think that all English class is very helpful to me. I think that is my big mistake. Durning 2 months I'm very tired and busy, I can't do my plans. Mostly I want to go academy very much, I can't do that. Anyway, this exams are very difficult. This is a my first major exam. I don't know question styles and levels. I reading a book again and again, and I think that this is enough, but results are very terrible. Now I left 1 exam on tomorrow, but I can't study anything. I'm tired the exam. I can't study anymore. If I do this everyday, I'll crazy. Friends are finish their exams and said to me "How poor girl~". Too bad guys. Today, moreover, my boyfriend said some bad sayings. I'm more and more tired. I want to rest.


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