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Sunday, May 01, 2005

visit Jin-ju

I went to Jin-ju with my boyfriend for his joining the army. He apply the air force, and the training camp is in Jin-ju. Before we left to Jin-ju, he cut his hair. That is my first time to see his short hair. I think I will feel very sad, but that time I just think nothing. I just think 'cute'. We take a bus during 4 hours. I'm very hard but he take care of me, so I'm fine. We grasp hands during in bus. That is very happy and good for me. He never take off hands. I'm very thankful. Get off the bus, we find rooms. That is first time to visit Jin-ju, so we dosen't know way and places. We find river and room too. The fee of rent is very expensive. Unfortunately, we doesn't have other way. We pay for charge and rent a room. The room is very small. I'm disappointed because the room is very small. However I draw a curtain back, I'm very surprised. We can see the river on bed. That is very beautiful view. I'm very pleased.


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