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Sunday, May 29, 2005


Today, I took a toeic. Actually I don't interest that exam but I took a toeic class so I took an exam. Last month I didn't study much, but the result is very good. Nonsense happen. This time, I must get a good score. I said to my family, I got a good score at last exam. My father expect to me. He thinks that next time, I'll get a better score than before. I don't think like that. Anyway, I went to school for take exam with little worry. When I receive paper, my stomach makes up trouble. I felt very hurt. I can't concentrate on my work. If I give up exam, is it okay? I think and think. I want to go home and take a rest. More and more I felt hurt, I can't concentrate perfectly. I think that this exam's result is very awful. Well, My stomach knows that I didn't study?


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