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Saturday, May 07, 2005

Brother comes hometown

Sunday is parnets day so my brother's family come to hometown. Actually, I don't like them. They dosen't like me too. I'm very uncomfortable but for my parent, I stay there. Well, I like my brother. Just still disappointed. Nowadays I try to think 'He is just other person. Not me. If he not my brother just known-person, he is very kindful to me'. My parent, me and my brother's family go to park at Kim-cheon. We separate two team. One is father and me, and other is mother and brother's family. Father and me hold hands and walk. We talk and take some pictures. Father is disappointed to brother too. Father doesn't talk to much, except to me. We are in park about 2 hours and than go to E-mart to shopping. We buy some foods and brother's son present(Well, I have to call him a nephew but I hate the title so I usually call him like that). Very uncomfortable day.


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