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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Computer with problem

I got a new ram. I don't know how insert that, so I call to my brother to help me. I hadn't check viruses. I hadn't arranging disk. Maybe during 1 years, I just using that with no management. I decide to format my disk and install again. My hard disk has divided three C, E and F. I put my files on F drive and format C and E. When I insert XP-CD, it didn't work. I call brother and ask a help. He wrestle with computer about 5 hours and he suggest to me to give up the files on F drive. I can't give up that files. All my papers, pictures, mp3 files and English study files on that drive. I spend all day to pix my computer. There is just one way left. That is to give up F drive. I don't have any other chances. I decide give up that then format all drives and set drive just divided two. I tried to contact Internet I can't do that so I call to service. On Friday, I can Internet. I'm very sad now. I miss my files. T_T


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