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Saturday, May 14, 2005


I take a TOEIC exam on last month. That's result is come out today. My first TOEIC score is 515. I didn't study and I didn't ready exam. Moreover, I couldn't sleep on before day so I dozed all exam time. I receive that score, I think that is not too bad. I thik that the score is maybe 600. That's because I ready to school class, but I didn't ready to TOEIC. Furthermore I studied TOFEL before. When I watching my score, I can't believe that. My score is 745. That's amazing. I'm very happy. I call to my parents and say about my score. My parents are very happy too. My brother got score lower than me so I laugh at him. This is my first time that win to brother. I'm little worried about next exam. I studied before, but nowadays I didn't study. Many homeworks very helpful, but I learn skills that to make homework easier. I think that this time, I really have to study hard.


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