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Friday, April 15, 2005

Do you love me?

I think that my boyfriend and I broke up before and we just friends, don't loves us. He left to his hometown, I certain that we broke up. As days go by, he changed. He called me and sent messages everyday. He said to me "I want to hug you right now." At first I heard that, I just happy but my friend say, " He doesn't loves you. He just miss woman." I'm very sad but try to calm myself. I said to him "I think we have to broke up. I must leave from you." He said to me, "We talk that later face to face." Today we met, I said to him again that we have to broke up. We doesn't love each other. We still very young so we have many chances to meet great partner. He cried and say to me that he loves me and want to with me forever. I can't think anything. I'm very confusing.


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