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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Friends are visited me

I lied before that I don't live alone, I live with brother's family. That's becuase I don't want to friends visiting. My home is really small and bad. I'm ashamed about my home. 1year later, I think this is not good. A few friends come to my home and said to me, 'Your house is very comfortable. I want to live like you. Don't ashamed about the house. Your house is great'. I decied to talk to friends a true, so today I invite them. They bring some foods, we cook and eat. We talk many things, and have very good time. They said to me 'Your house is very comfortable. I want to come in here again'. When friends are in house, boyfriend call me. We have talk on phone, he heard man's voice. He upset to me because he hate other men come in my house. However, very good time for me.


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