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Saturday, April 09, 2005


I live alone, so I have to cook. I think I'm good at cook before. Sometimes I cook special foods, these are nice and good. Actually I never cook a soup before. When I first cook the soup, that is really tasteless. Even I can't eat that, so I throw away the soup. For a while I never cook a soup. I can't live without soup. Every time when I eat the rice, I want to eat soup very much. Sometimes I buy some soups, but it's very expensive. I decide to try to cook the soup. For a while, I'm steal fool at soup. I get much stress from cook. My friend said to me, 'Don't care about that. Your soup is okay. Don't be greedy that'. More and more I practiced, now cooking skill is little grow. I'm satisfactory about that. Later, my soup is to be very delicious.


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