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Friday, April 01, 2005

Go to home town

I go to my hometown, Gumi. I lived in Gumi about 20 years. My parent are living in there. I go to there by train. It takes about 4 hours. I meet my friend. We go to a theater and see a movie. The movie's title is 'A bittersweet Life'. The movie is little interesting. First, it's very interesting but little by little, boring. My friend feel very boring, so upset to me because I choose the movie. We go to a chiken restraunrant and eat the 'Buldack'. That is very bot but delicious. After the dinner, we went to shopmall and enjoy shopping. My friend buy beautiful hair pin and ear rings. I don't have enough money, so I couln't buy any thing. Than we go to a coffee shop and take some coffee with many talks. She has some trouble with her boyfriend, so we talk about that. I don't say to her but I'm envy her. 'Love trouble' how cute is it! Later, I'll say to her "Oh, I have some trouble with my boyfriend~"


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