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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Drive a car

I have a driver license. I took that about 1 year ago. My father said to me, "You must get that". So, I get the driver's license. 1 year ago, I usually drive a car. When I go to shopping or go to travel, I drive a car. For a 1 year, I couln't drive a car. I'm in the Seoul but the car is in the Gumi. Sometimes I was in Gumi, I always wear a hill. Before my father's car is hand-operated. Now, the new car is an automatic. This is a first time to drive a new car. I am little tensed. First, I am confusing accelerator and brake. Later, I drive as well. I take on my parents and go to a spa. For a 1 hours, I drive a car than we arrive at the spa. I enjoy spa with mom. 2 hours later(We look over all the spar equipment), leave there. Automatic car is more easy than hand-operated. Well, parking skill is still poor. Anyway, drive is very interesting. I want to own my car.


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