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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Quit academy

I went to an academy for a while. I am not enough at English grammar, I want to study English more and I have to study English. So I went to an academy and studied about grammar. I make a plan to study English. Before 6 P.M. I'm in school and till 10 P.M. I'm in academy. Till 6p.m. I study about major, till 10 p.m. I study about grammar. I make a great plan! haha.
But today, I quit academy. Because I don't have enough time. I always busy to do homework. Well, have a heart talk, I have little heavy charge to study. I decide to quit, I don't feel a headache and feel better. I think I'm still a girl. Because I want to study little not much.
I'm bad girl. I promise to study very hard for me. But I don't study. I start to study now! Fighting!!


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