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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Angkor Wat


1. What kind of temple is Angkor Wat?
A beautiful Kjmer temple and largest religious building in the world.

2. Who built Angkor Wat?
King Suryavarman II

3. What were the two reasons for building Angkor Wat?
To praise Vishnu, Funeral temple for the king.

4. What is an asura?
Something likes demons.

5. What is a deva?
Something likes gods.

6. What surrounds Angkor Wat?
Series of beautiful bas reliefs and a moat.

7. How any temples are there in the Angkor complex?
Forty-four temples in there.

8. How many people lived in Angkor city at its height?
Two million people lived in there.

9. How long did the Khmer empire last?
From 802 to 1432.

10. How did the Khmer empire end?
Thailand armies invaded the city of Angkor forcing the Khmer to leave.

11. Where did the Khmer people go when they left Angkor?
Phnom Penh in the south east of Cambodia.

12. When did the Western world become interested in Angkor again and why?
1864. Henri Mouhot’s book is published. That is about Angkor.


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