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Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I had an exam that is about TOEIC. I'm not good at TOEIC. I get 515 before. I am poor at grammar. I went an academy before but I think gramamr still hate me. I ready for today exam. I think I'm confidence today exam. I read a book agian and again. I arrange my mistakes and solve that again. I expect that I get a good point. Well, I was wrong. When I take the test paper, I can't solve anything. I'm very confused. I use all my brains but still not solve. I'm very sad. Am I conceive my ability? How is it going! I studied this, and I'm good at class. Why I can't solve thiw?? Time is gone. I check a answers roughly. I think I need to more study. Grammar, please don't hate me. T_T


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