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Friday, March 25, 2005

High school friends

I graduated from Gumi National Electronic Highshool. That is located at Gumi in Kungbuk. My friends are almost in other cities. Only 2 friends are in Seoul. So we never met since a graduation ceremony.
Today, 2 friends come to Seoul. My friends are almost man, so does they. They have to go army so, before they leave, we make an appointment. We meet at Young-san. We have a dinner and talk to much. That is very good and funny time. My friends are now look like a man not a boy. Before I meet they, I afraid about that our changes. But we are not changed. Actually shape is changed, not mind. They are still my friends, so do I.
Nowadays I thought that I don't have memory in high school. But That was wrong. I have a lot of memories. Very funny and cute memories. I'm very happy to with them. I want to our friendship forever.


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