do NOT stop

Monday, March 21, 2005

chat with Youn-suk

2005-03-20 오후 11:32:43 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 okok 2005-03-20 오후 11:32:49 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop gogo? 2005-03-20 오후 11:32:52 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 let's speak in Eng-0- 2005-03-20 오후 11:32:58 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop yes^^ 2005-03-20 오후 11:33:05 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 First of all-0- 2005-03-20 오후 11:33:10 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 you are toooooooooooooo late-_- 2005-03-20 오후 11:33:12 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop yes. 2005-03-20 오후 11:33:15 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 didn't you?-_- 2005-03-20 오후 11:33:38 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop I am sorry T.T 2005-03-20 오후 11:33:48 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Tooooooooo bad to me !!T_T 2005-03-20 오후 11:34:21 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 especially 2005-03-20 오후 11:34:27 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 yesterday? 2005-03-20 오후 11:34:38 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop I buy the mill.^^ 2005-03-20 오후 11:34:46 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop with you~ 2005-03-20 오후 11:34:50 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 I waited until 4 am!!;a; 2005-03-20 오후 11:34:55 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Hm- _- 2005-03-20 오후 11:35:07 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Ah, 2005-03-20 오후 11:35:14 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Have nice date?=0= 2005-03-20 오후 11:35:15 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop sorry sister. T.T 2005-03-20 오후 11:35:29 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop yes, I am.^^ 2005-03-20 오후 11:35:31 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Meet girlfriend~ 2005-03-20 오후 11:35:44 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Oh~=ㅁ= 2005-03-20 오후 11:35:46 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop Yes Yes>.< 2005-03-20 오후 11:35:49 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 -_) 2005-03-20 오후 11:36:35 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Do you have TOEIC class? 2005-03-20 오후 11:36:48 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 ah, you have listening class too, right? 2005-03-20 오후 11:37:27 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop I only have a listening class. 2005-03-20 오후 11:37:41 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 okok 2005-03-20 오후 11:37:55 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 homework done? 2005-03-20 오후 11:38:02 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop tomorrow, I no finished homework. 2005-03-20 오후 11:38:09 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 oh, 2005-03-20 오후 11:38:34 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop unitil widnesday? 2005-03-20 오후 11:38:41 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Didn't homework Do date=0= kikiki 2005-03-20 오후 11:38:43 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 nono 2005-03-20 오후 11:38:52 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 until tomorrow-0- 2005-03-20 오후 11:38:58 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop hm.. 2005-03-20 오후 11:39:02 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 no1 to no50 2005-03-20 오후 11:39:05 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 dictation 2005-03-20 오후 11:39:17 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop you finished? 2005-03-20 오후 11:39:23 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Yep 2005-03-20 오후 11:40:51 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 The professor said 2005-03-20 오후 11:41:10 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 never copy -0- 2005-03-20 오후 11:41:51 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 She said "I know copy" 2005-03-20 오후 11:42:15 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Hm...Did you understand my sentence?;; 2005-03-20 오후 11:42:31 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Speak in English is very hard to me-_- 2005-03-20 오후 11:42:31 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop So, I litte copy them? 2005-03-20 오후 11:42:36 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 anyway 2005-03-20 오후 11:42:38 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 nonono~ 2005-03-20 오후 11:42:39 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 never-0- 2005-03-20 오후 11:42:51 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 I can't hear exactly 2005-03-20 오후 11:43:09 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop T.T 2005-03-20 오후 11:43:16 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop mang hass dda. 2005-03-20 오후 11:43:17 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop okok 2005-03-20 오후 11:43:18 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 So if you copy mines, 2005-03-20 오후 11:43:43 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 anyone notice that. 2005-03-20 오후 11:44:26 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop Sorry that I want yours. 2005-03-20 오후 11:44:48 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop I finished homewaork my self^^ 2005-03-20 오후 11:44:52 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 ohoh~ 2005-03-20 오후 11:44:55 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 great-0- 2005-03-20 오후 11:45:14 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Hm~ 2005-03-20 오후 11:45:16 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop OK. you what did you do today? 2005-03-20 오후 11:45:21 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Hm-0- 2005-03-20 오후 11:45:34 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 sleep, sleep, sleep,,, 2005-03-20 오후 11:45:39 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 eat, eat, eat,,,,,,,, 2005-03-20 오후 11:45:50 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 and do homework-0- 2005-03-20 오후 11:46:02 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop huk.zz very good. 2005-03-20 오후 11:46:09 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 ah, 2005-03-20 오후 11:46:24 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 conversation with Se-in 2005-03-20 오후 11:46:28 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop I did't homework. anyway play~ 2005-03-20 오후 11:46:38 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop wow~ 2005-03-20 오후 11:46:44 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop husein~kk 2005-03-20 오후 11:46:47 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 hahaha 2005-03-20 오후 11:46:55 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Se-in said to me 2005-03-20 오후 11:47:02 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop Good friend. 2005-03-20 오후 11:47:10 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 ah, before I talk to him about you 2005-03-20 오후 11:47:18 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop '_';; 2005-03-20 오후 11:47:26 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 hahaha 2005-03-20 오후 11:47:37 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 I can't talk to him your name-0-;; 2005-03-20 오후 11:47:49 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 because I don't rememver that time- _-; 2005-03-20 오후 11:47:52 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 anyway- _-;; 2005-03-20 오후 11:48:00 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop -.-;; 2005-03-20 오후 11:48:36 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 He ask to me 2005-03-20 오후 11:48:50 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 report to you 2005-03-20 오후 11:48:52 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop what?^^ 2005-03-20 오후 11:49:05 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 He said sorry don't greeting you 2005-03-20 오후 11:49:21 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop hm.. 2005-03-20 오후 11:49:28 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 I said to him "Yun-suk said first greeting each other, 2005-03-20 오후 11:49:44 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 later your don't greeting." 2005-03-20 오후 11:49:54 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Hm 2005-03-20 오후 11:50:06 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Do you understand my sentence?- _-;;;;;;;;;;; 2005-03-20 오후 11:50:16 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop yes;; 2005-03-20 오후 11:50:17 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 I can't understand my words- _-; 2005-03-20 오후 11:50:21 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 hahahaha 2005-03-20 오후 11:50:25 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 very difficult- _- 2005-03-20 오후 11:50:31 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop what is "greeting"? 2005-03-20 오후 11:50:44 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 find dictation-0- 2005-03-20 오후 11:50:53 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop good. 2005-03-20 오후 11:51:05 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 I always chat in English 2005-03-20 오후 11:51:15 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 oh sorry- _-; 2005-03-20 오후 11:51:21 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 not dictation- _-;; 2005-03-20 오후 11:51:31 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 dictionary- _-;;;;;;; 2005-03-20 오후 11:51:42 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 find that words in dictionary 2005-03-20 오후 11:51:44 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 - _-;;;;;;; 2005-03-20 오후 11:51:47 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop OK, I untherstand. 2005-03-20 오후 11:51:54 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop kk 2005-03-20 오후 11:51:56 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 okok good job kiki 2005-03-20 오후 11:52:21 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 ah~I miss Se-in kikikiki 2005-03-20 오후 11:52:44 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 This is secret-0-; 2005-03-20 오후 11:52:50 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop Miss.. 2005-03-20 오후 11:52:52 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop ah,.. 2005-03-20 오후 11:53:04 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Which I'm missing him. 2005-03-20 오후 11:53:08 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop sirious meam. 2005-03-20 오후 11:53:09 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 hahahaha 2005-03-20 오후 11:53:25 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Today, he said to me 2005-03-20 오후 11:53:29 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 "I miss you" 2005-03-20 오후 11:53:37 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 hahaha~~~ 2005-03-20 오후 11:53:58 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop Oh... 2005-03-20 오후 11:54:01 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 not exactly that words, kiki 2005-03-20 오후 11:54:21 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 actually he said 2005-03-20 오후 11:54:30 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 "I want to hug you" 2005-03-20 오후 11:54:38 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 hahaha~~~ 2005-03-20 오후 11:54:52 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop Missing him..? 2005-03-20 오후 11:54:58 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Yep kiki 2005-03-20 오후 11:55:23 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop Re 2005-03-20 오후 11:55:24 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop RE 2005-03-20 오후 11:55:27 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 I miss him~ haha 2005-03-20 오후 11:55:33 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 I want to see him 2005-03-20 오후 11:55:42 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop Ho~~~Ho~~ 2005-03-20 오후 11:55:46 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop Good 2005-03-20 오후 11:55:47 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 I want to touch him~haha 2005-03-20 오후 11:55:56 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop *_* 2005-03-20 오후 11:56:06 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 I want to hug him~ 2005-03-20 오후 11:56:08 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 hahaha 2005-03-20 오후 11:56:20 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop huk.. 2005-03-20 오후 11:56:21 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 secret secret-0- 2005-03-20 오후 11:56:25 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Top secret hahaha 2005-03-20 오후 11:56:30 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop he is very hamsom. 2005-03-20 오후 11:56:35 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Hm~ 2005-03-20 오후 11:56:43 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop and very good singer. 2005-03-20 오후 11:56:50 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Yep, haha 2005-03-20 오후 11:56:57 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop You catch him!! 2005-03-20 오후 11:56:57 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 He is really good. haha 2005-03-20 오후 11:57:00 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 hahaha 2005-03-20 오후 11:57:06 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Nono~ 2005-03-20 오후 11:57:12 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 I think we are done. 2005-03-20 오후 11:57:36 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Se-in need to good girl. 2005-03-20 오후 11:57:41 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 more than me. haha 2005-03-20 오후 11:57:47 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop T.T 2005-03-20 오후 11:57:53 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 hahaha 2005-03-20 오후 11:58:02 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop I unterstand your mind T.T 2005-03-20 오후 11:58:09 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 poor Hye-jin~hahaha 2005-03-20 오후 11:58:21 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop Very sad in world. 2005-03-20 오후 11:58:36 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop you! 2005-03-20 오후 11:58:46 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop Self Confidence. 2005-03-20 오후 11:58:47 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 =ㅁ= 2005-03-20 오후 11:58:50 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 haha 2005-03-20 오후 11:58:56 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop Ok? 2005-03-20 오후 11:59:00 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Yep Yep 2005-03-20 오후 11:59:05 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop kk 2005-03-20 오후 11:59:10 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 haha 2005-03-20 오후 11:59:16 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop Good tantion. 2005-03-20 오후 11:59:20 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 How about study English? 2005-03-20 오후 11:59:27 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Is it going well? 2005-03-20 오후 11:59:49 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop no. I ju neng a;; 2005-03-20 오후 11:59:58 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 - _-??? 2005-03-21 오전 12:00:29 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 you said you are idiot?-0-;; 2005-03-21 오전 12:01:04 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop idiot?? 2005-03-21 오전 12:01:24 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop okok. 2005-03-21 오전 12:01:30 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 idiot means foolish 2005-03-21 오전 12:01:40 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop hm.. 2005-03-21 오전 12:01:50 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 not?^^;;;;hahahah 2005-03-21 오전 12:02:04 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop good expression. 2005-03-21 오전 12:02:24 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 hahaha 2005-03-21 오전 12:02:28 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop I foolish in english class. 2005-03-21 오전 12:02:34 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop I try. 2005-03-21 오전 12:02:42 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop I will try. 2005-03-21 오전 12:03:17 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop I want class top. kkkkkkkk 2005-03-21 오전 12:03:29 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 Oh~ 2005-03-21 오전 12:03:34 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 fighting! 2005-03-21 오전 12:03:46 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop you too.^^ 2005-03-21 오전 12:03:49 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 OkOk 2005-03-21 오전 12:04:11 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 I think it's time to say good-bye 2005-03-21 오전 12:04:15 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop hm.. 2005-03-21 오전 12:04:27 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop good time.^^ 2005-03-21 오전 12:04:30 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 haha 2005-03-21 오전 12:04:32 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 okj 2005-03-21 오전 12:04:33 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 ok 2005-03-21 오전 12:04:38 [혜진]Do not stop [윤석] 쵝오 see you tomorrow 2005-03-21 오전 12:04:46 [윤석] 쵝오 [혜진]Do not stop tomorrow~ ok


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